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Stainless Steel SecureView
SecureView is a proven high grade woven T316 black stainless steel mesh screen that delivers superior protection. It keeps intruders and insects out without spoiling your view.

SecureView is custom assembled by factory trained technicians into an extra strong aluminium frame to suit your exact home, office or commercial building specifications and incorporates the very best locking systems.

As the name suggests, SecureView provides maximum security without sacrificing your view or blocking out breezes. Unlike burglar alarms, a SecureView security screen acts as a barrier device minimising the likelihood of forced entry in the first place. This is your best form of security you can install of your home or commercial premises. Prevention is always a safer option than dealing with an intruder after they have already entered the home or building. SecureView acts as a real deterrent without intrusive bars or ugly old fashioned aluminium diamond grille (which in our experience most installations would not pass the appropriate Australian standard). When choosing security, specify SecureView for genuine piece of mind in protecting your family.

SecureView is custom built to suit your situation and budget. There are designs for residential and commercial applications and profiles to suit all types of door and windows.

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